About Us

Democracy R&D envisions democracies that incorporate everyday people in major public decisions which our present structures struggle to address – through processes that are representative, informed, deliberative, free from manipulation, and influential.

Our principles:

  • We use sortition (random selection) to assemble representative groups of everyday people.
  • We use deliberation, and we give people enough time and information to make informed decisions.
  • We are nonpartisan and express no position on any policy outside of the need for democratic innovation.

Why we are working together:

  • to help each other be more successful, by sharing operational insights, experiences and expertise among the organisations running the most significant trials and programs around the world
  • to do things together that would be difficult to do separately
  • to make a much greater contribution to improving democracy

Our strategy – we work together to:

  • Share knowledge, experience and connections
  • Identify core problems facing democracy, in our countries and worldwide
  • Develop an inventory of feasible proposals that could help solve these problems
  • Identify promising opportunities to conduct trial projects – jurisdictions, issues, potential champions
  • Gain support from decision makers and the public
  • Test the proposals, evaluate, improve – and then get them implemented as regular, ongoing features of our democracies
  • Publicize the proposals and the results, world-wide