Who We Are

We are an international network of organizations and associations that develop, implement, and promote ways to improve democracy, from the local to the global level. We believe that democracy should include a role for randomly-selected everyday people.



G1000The G1000 is an independent citizens’ project that aimed at revitalizing democracy in Belgium. It started as an idea, but over a short period of time grew to be one of the largest citizens’ initiatives for democratic innovation in Western Europe. The G1000 project has facilitated several inclusive events such as a citizen’s summit with 704 participants in November 2011 and subsequent citizen panels.

ParticitizPARTICITIZ, Participation & Citizenship Association, designs, develops, tests and promotes new and innovative processes of citizens’ deliberation. These new participatory and deliberative designs are offered to public authorities and institutions as well as political representatives in order to assure that the Citizen’s voice can be heard.


Danish Board of TechnologyThe Danish Board of Technology Foundation is an independent, non-profit, common good, corporative foundation, committed to technology assessment, foresight, knowledge-based decision-making, parliamentary advisory activities, collaborative democracy and methodological research. We specialize in the design and implementation of stakeholder- and citizen participation methods and decision making processes.


Missions PubliquesFounded in 1998, Missions Publiques designs, implements and evaluates citizen and stakeholder participation and policy dialogue (consulting, training, research) with public authorities, international organizations, providers of services of general interest, researchers and NGOs, at all levels. We aim to disseminate practices of citizen participation at the global level.


The Bertelsmann Stiftung develops solutions to key contemporary social, political and economic challenges in order to foster social bonds and the participation of all citizens in society. Its program “The Future of Democracy” contributes to the foundation’s goal by fostering citizens’ participation. With a particular focus on Europe, the program wants to find out how the European Union could become more participatory. It analyses existing forms of participation and explores how new forms can be established which citizens will find meaningful, which are effective, and which are embedded in the EU institutional framework.

nexus institutenexus is an applied research institute based in Berlin, Germany. Through both traditional and innovative participatory methods, we help citizens make their voices heard in local, national, and international policymaking processes. Most recently, nexus has been involved in planning a Germany-wide Citizens’ Assembly on Democratic reform, which will give everyday citizens the opportunity to discuss and critique the existing decision-making processes, and offer up reforms on how to strengthen confidence in the political system.


G1000.nuG1000.nu is a Dutch citizens-initiative on renewing democracy by means of sortition and deliberation. We aim at re-establishing ownership of communities and transforming inhabitants into citizens again. We do this with the help of a carefully designed process in which we are able to accommodate 1000+ participants “in the room” at the same time.


Fórum dos CidadãosFórum dos Cidadãos is a civil society initiative that aims to strengthen democracy in Portugal by making the informed and reflected voice of ordinary citizens heard in important public debates. Working in collaboration with government, research and cultural institutions, we have organized deliberative forums on diverse topics ranging from “how to improve the communication between citizens and their representatives?” to Portugal’s answer to the refugee crisis. Participants in previous forums have presented their conclusions to the President of Portugal and the Vice-President of the Parliament.


ParticipaLabParticipaLab is centered on collaborative research around hybrid democracy: direct and deliberative participation technologies for new democratic processes involving digital tools.


Génération Nomination is an NGO dedicated to the introduction of sortition and citizen panels in democratic processes. Our mission is to enhance diversity and bring more neutrality into politics, empowering everyday-citizen. Our long-term project is to modernize the Swiss parliament in that spirit.

United Kingdom

Citizens’ Juries c.i.c. is a social enterprise based in Manchester, UK, dedicated to designing and running citizens’ juries. Our work puts the public into public policy making. We work in partnership with the Jefferson Center, the US- based charity which developed the citizens’ jury method. Our projects thus far have mainly focused on challenging questions of health care policy, including access to patient health care records and the location of a new hospital. Citizens’ Juries c.i.c. is supported by the University of Manchester.

The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is an NGO founded in 1754. Through our ideas, cutting-edge research and 29,000-strong Fellowship, we find innovative solutions to our biggest collective challenges. The RSA has a track-record of championing deliberative democracy running from the 2016-17 Citizens Economic Council, which led to significant changes in how the Bank of England engages the public in setting monetary policy. Currently the RSA is developing a campaign for deliberative democracy in the UK. We are calling for a Deliberative Democracy Bill to establish deliberation as a mainstream practice across government, and for citizens assemblies to be commissioned annually by government.

Sortition FoundationThe Sortition Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to promote and institute sortition in empowered assemblies. We envision a world free from partisan politicking, where a representative random sample of everyday people make decisions in an informed, deliberative and fair environment.

European Union

The ECI Campaign is a European Union-wide NGO working for the successful introduction and implementation of the European Citizens’ Initiative right – the world’s first tool of participatory, transnational and digital democracy. We are independent, neutral in policy, non-profit and non-EU financed.




Democracy in PracticeDemocracy In Practice is dedicated to democratic innovation, experimentation, and capacity building. To date, Democracy In Practice has focused primarily on reinventing student government, using schools as laboratories of democratic experimentation while providing young people with a rich civic educational experience.


       Delibera Brasil is an independent non-profit citizens’ organization that aims to work on behalf of our democracy, strengthening and deepening it through ordinary citizens deliberation. We want to disseminate mini-publics in Brazil, since we believe this democratic innovation can help society to make more informed and consequential collective decisions, especially when dealing with complex and polemic subjects, complementing existing participatory processes in our legislation. Founded in 2017, Delibera Brasil has conducted two successful mini-publics, in Ilhéus and São Paulo, combining random selection and quotas to recruit a representative group of ordinary citizens potentially affected by the decisions.


MASS LBPMASS LBP, a social enterprise based in Toronto, is Canada’s home for democratic innovation and public strategy. Since 2007, MASS has led some of Canada’s most ambitious efforts to engage citizens in tackling tough policy choices while pioneering Civic Lotteries and Citizens’ Reference Panels on behalf of forward-thinking governments. Approximately 1 in 67 Canadian households have received invitations to serve in a deliberative process such as the Citizens’ Reference Panel on Pharmacare in Canada, the Duncan-North Cowichan Citizens’ Assembly on Municipal Amalgamation, and the ongoing Toronto Planning Review Panel. Learn more about MASS’ panels here.


Healthy DemocracyHealthy Democracy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Healthy Democracy designs and coordinates innovative democracy programs, including the pioneering Citizens’ Initiative Review. CIRs convene randomly selected, demographically representative groups of voters in an intensive, jury-like setting to evaluate initiatives and referenda on the ballot, and draft joint statements that provide clear, concise, accurate information to their fellow voters, removed from campaign messaging and financial influence. The CIR process has been enacted into law in Oregon, and used in Arizona, Colorado and Massachusetts, with trials planned in California and Switzerland.

The Jefferson Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit civic engagement organization based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our primary tool for deliberation and education is the Citizens Jury, which was invented by our founder Ned Crosby in 1971. Today, the Citizens Jury approach serves as the basis for methods like citizens assemblies, citizens panels, and other community engagement programs around the world. Our projects focus on complex, technical, and divisive issues, including the US Federal budget, electoral reform, climate change adaptation, and medical privacy.

Policy Jury Group
The Policy Jury Group was founded in 2017 as a non-partisan, non-profit organization. Our programs are based on a large body of democratic experimentation and innovation that has taken place over past decade in a variety of political contexts around the world, based on deliberative mini-publics. At the PJG, our programs are focused on how Policy Juries can be used within government, rather than a service, or consultation, provided by the private or non-profit sector.



Empowering Participation is a social enterprise based in Perth, Western Australia. Our vision is for representative/inclusive, deliberative, influential public participation to become ‘business as usual’ to resolve challenging, complex problems. Our Director, Janette Hartz-Karp, has worked on deliberative democracy initiatives in Australia, Canada, India, and Israel – including deliberations with more than 1,000 participants. She led a four-year initiative to develop a more sustainable City-region in Greater Geraldton, Western Australia, which included using deliberative democratic methods to allocate 100% of the ten-year infrastructure budget — and later, of 100% of the City-Region’s operational budget. For more information, click here.

The newDemocracy Foundation is a nonpartisan research and development organisation based in Sydney, Australia. We discover, develop, demonstrate, and promote democratic innovations that restore trust in public decision making, using random selection and deliberation – the jury model – as a central process. We work with decision makers to convene diverse groups of everyday people, facilitate thoughtful policy conversations – and get their recommendations adopted. Our projects have included entire city budgets, complex planning issues, the basic rules of local government, and whether a state should accept the world’s nuclear waste.


Japan Research Forum for Mini-publics (JRMP) is a network of citizens, practitioners, and scholars who take the initiative in mini-publics citizen participation activities and their theoretical studies in Japan. JRMP works, via collaboration among them, for the dissemination of deliberative mini-publics in Japanese society.