We help decision makers take hard decisions and build public trust.

The Challenge

With outdated tools, eroding public trust and pressure for quick fixes, it’s hard for governments to make wise long-term decisions.

Our Approach

We empower diverse groups of citizens to reach informed judgements and share decisions with governments.

We achieve this with deep democratic practices such as random selection (sortition) and deliberation.

Our Impact

Our members have helped local, regional, and national governments generate trust, understanding, and solutions to some of the most challenging problems.

We’re bringing everyday people back into public decision making.

Project Spotlight:

's Citizens Assembly on Social Care

The first citizens’ assembly ever commissioned by the UK Parliament, it brought together 47 randomly selected citizens from England to give recommendations on how to fund adult social care sustainably in the future.

Through 28 hours of learning, deliberation and decision-making, the Assembly Members developed a clear and consistent set of recommendations that heavily influenced the findings of a joint inquiry by two Parliamentary Select Committees.

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Our Reach

We are 26 organizations in 16 countries
on 5 continents. And growing…

Democracy R&D Network Placeholder
Democracy R&D Network

A group of representative people of any community can be entrusted to make sound decisions and sound judgments when properly informed.

Graeme Emonson

Executive Director
Local Government Victoria

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Learn from our members’ projects and experiences – as well as an inspiring list of books, videos and iconic articles.


We work with governments from the local to the global level. It all starts with a confidential conversation.

We are an international network of organizations and associations that develop, implement, and promote ways to improve democracy, from the local to the global level.


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